2nd Paris Workshop

on Games, Decisions, and Language

June 13-15, 2024

University Paris-Panthéon-Assas


University Paris-Panthéon-Assas, 12, Place du Panthéon
Salle des conseils

Thursday, June 13, 2024

8h30-9h: Welcome by the organizers

9h-10h30: Session 1
Keynote: Françoise Forges: "Finite Sender-Receiver Games"
Frédéric Koessler: "A Belief-Based Approach to Signaling"

10h30-11h: Coffee break (Appartement Décanal)

11h00-12h30: Session 2
Valeria Burdera: "I'm Sorry If You Are: Two-Sided Conflicts and a Theory of Relative Blame"
Stephan Semirat: "Indicative versus Imperative Meaning in Cheap-Talk Games: An Experiment"
Daniele Condorelli: "Cheap Talking Algorithms"


14h00-15h30: Session 3
Marco LiCalzi: "Vocabulary Aggregation"
Salvador Mascarenhas: "Questions in Language and Thought"
Aviad Heifetz: "What the Language Game of Game Theory Cannot Express"

15h30-16h: Coffee break (Appartement Décanal)

16h00-17h00: "Coffee" session (Appartement Décanal)
Gerrit Bauch: "Effects of Noise on the Grammar of Languages"
Nicolas Rodriguez Gonzalez: "The Geometry of Thought in Common-Interest Cheap-Talk Games"
Gerhard Schaden: "Explaining the Euphemism Treadmill"

17h00-18h00: Session 4
Chair: Rabah Amir
Keynote: Ariel Rubinstein: "Convexity, Differentiability, and Language: A Comment on the Culture of Economic Theory"

Friday, June 14, 2024

9h00-10h30: Session 5
Keynote: Roni Katzir: "Implicit questions, explicit answers, and how we use both to negotiate the common ground"
Marieke Pahlke: "Dynamic Consistency and Ambiguous Communication"

10h30-11h: Coffee break (Appartement Décanal)

11h00-12h30: Session 6
Andreas Blume: "Language Games: Correlation through Non-Understanding, Dialogue, Inarticulateness, and Misunderstanding"
Despoina Alempaki: "Deceptive Communication: Direct Lies vs. Ignorance, Partial-Truth and Silence"
Tomas Koblizek and Rene Levinsky: "Lying as a Language Game? A Game Theory Perspective"


14h00-15h30: Session 7
David Spector: "Comparing Alternative Game-Theoretic Models of Language Change: Replicator Dynamics, Fictitious Play, and Myopic Best-Response"
Luca Gasparri: "Natural Linguistic Conventions"
Nick Zangwill: "Miscommunication in Evolutionary Language Game Theory"

15h30-16h00: Coffee break (Appartement Décanal)

16h00-18h00: Session 8
Round Table
With Andreas Blume, Françoise Forges, Roni Katzir, Ariel Rubinstein, Benjamin Spector

Saturday, June 15, 2024

9h00-10h30: Session 9
Chair: Iryna Topolyan
Keynote: Philip J. Reny: "Natural Language Equilibrium: Signaling Games"
Michael Greinecker: "Causality and Correlation in Game Theory and Science"

10h30-11h: Coffee break

11h-12h30: Session 10
Olivier Gossner: "Strategic Types: A Discrete Language for Higher-Order Interactive Decision Making"
Christoph Kuzmics:"Fool me once, ..."
Bernhard von Stengel: "Large Language Models for Learning Strategies in Complex Games"


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