2nd Paris Workshop

on Games, Decisions, and Language

June 13-15, 2024

University Paris-Panthéon-Assas

Special Issue
International Journal of Game Theory
"Games, Decisons, and Language"

"Language Games"

With contributions by:

Despoina Alempaki * Gerrit Bauch * Andreas Blume * Valeria Burdea * Daniele Condorelli * Françoise Forges * Luca Gasparri * Olivier Gossner * Michael Greinecker * Nicolas Rodriguez Gonzalez * Aviad Heifetz * Roni Katzir * Tomas Koblizek * Frédéric Koessler * Christoph Kuzmics * Rene Levinsky * Marco LiCalzi * Salvador Mascarenhas * Marieke Pahlke * Philip J. Reny * Ariel Rubinstein * Stephan Semirat * David Spector * Bernhard von Stengel * Nick Zangwill

This year's topic "Language Games" can be interpreted in a double sense: We invite contributions that use game theory to study aspects of language as well as philosophical investigations of game theory as a "language game."

Notably encouraged are contributions on the following topics:

— game-theoretic treatments of problems that have been formulated in the context of established research programs in linguistics; such as: implicatures, presupposition accommodation, anaphora, vagueness, politeness in language, emergence of meaning, non-cooperative uses of language (flouting of Grice’s maxims),
— game-theoretic assessments of the Rational Speech Act model,
— linguistic interpretations or applications of Bayesian dialogues,
— methodological reflections on the interaction of game theory and the study of language.

Program Committee:
Paul Égré
Chantal Marlats
Christina Pawlowitsch
Benjamin Spector

Image: © Christian Katt, "cube.poétique"

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